• Personal blogging benefits

    Seven blogging benefits – it’s personal! Having discussed business blogging benefits I thought it would be useful to look at some of the personal reasons for blogging which might be overlooked. Many people blog for pleasure and that’s cool. You may not have thought about the positive side effects of your blogging habit! 1. You […]

    Personal blogging benefits
  • Blog posting desert

    What to do when your blog posting dries up It happens to the best of us! Sometimes you are too busy with other projects or get out of the habit of blogging regularly. Obviously if you are making money looking after clients then that isn’t a bad thing but there is always that nagging thought […]

    Blog posting desert
  • Six more useful beliefs for blogging success

    Blogging success may be beyond your reach due to your beliefs! Your beliefs can affect you in many ways – some can be really helpful but others can be damaging and limit your potential. For example your beliefs can have massive impacts on your healing. A man with cancer believed that a new drug would […]

    Six more useful beliefs for blogging success
  • The 7 reasons why blogs fail

    Ever wondered why blogs fail? Many people start a blog and then lose interest. I’ve seen many blogs with just the bare bones of the theme and little content or the last post was over a year ago. Is it that they lack discipline or dedication, have they lost interest and lack passion about their […]

    The 7 reasons why blogs fail
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