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Blogging coaching with Katie Macdonald VA Virtually Does ItToday I have a lovely bit of feedback from Katie Macdonald who was lucky enough to win the prize in my Twitter competition, which was a free 1-hour coaching call for one of my first 100 followers on Twitter. Katie is a virtual assistant (VA) who has just started to work from home. Here’s what she says about our chat:

‘Blogging seems to be the buzzword that never goes out of fashion. Anyone and everyone either has one, follows one, or knows someone who blogs. Blogs are also well thought of as being a key tool to have on a business website to open a more interactive and personal window on that business. Indeed, some business websites are blogs.

‘So, a blog was a must for me on my own website, I liked the idea of being able to write about my business in a way that wasn’t static like a web page, and it would add a different dimension to the site too.

‘I started with great enthusiasm, great topics and was blogging regularly. This was a piece of cake! My blog was fresh, flowing and attracting comments. Then the inevitable happened, I ran out of topics, began to wonder if people actually wanted to read what I had to say about virtual assistance or my ‘Top Tips to be more Organized’. Were they really interested in what I could do? My blog posts dwindled and the blog page became just another web page.

‘Knowing this must change, but not knowing quite how to go about it, and having read so many other blogs on how you should be blogging and still being none the wiser, I was thrilled when a tweet flew in from Andy @seemanaboutblog saying I had won a blog coaching session with him.

‘Think coaching session with a difference! The session was great. Not only is Andy knowledgeable, he is realistic and relates his advice to you, your business and your blog. So it’s not all ‘blogging text book’ stuff, but real, proven ways in which your blog can aid your business development, and your personal development as a business owner. It was so refreshing not to have techie-speak thrown in, and have something that was tailored to me and my style.

‘We spoke about potential topics, different ways to blog, how to link your blog to other platforms as well as how to work on building a community around your blog. We also touched on how a blog helps SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and what to put where to help your rankings. I learnt so much, but the most of all it took me back to basics, and made me think on a far more practical level about what I do in my business. Ideas were flowing and my blogging mojo was on its way back.

‘Andy made my realise that if I blog, people will read and probably far more people than I think will find what I write about useful and informative. The most important thing is to keep it up!

‘So, if you take a look at my blog now, you’ll see the ‘Before Andy’ version, but in a few weeks feel free to pop back and have a look at the ‘After Andy’ version!

‘If your blog needs rescuing from being just another web page, you need to see this man about your a blog!’

You can follow Katie Macdonald on Twitter or check out her ‘Virtually Does It’ website

The same competition is running for one of my next 150 followers so if you fancy getting some great blogging advice for free follow See a Man About a Blog on Twitter.