Six more useful beliefs for blogging success

Man shouting at laptop - beliefs for blogging successBlogging success may be beyond your reach due to your beliefs!

Your beliefs can affect you in many ways – some can be really helpful but others can be damaging and limit your potential. For example your beliefs can have massive impacts on your healing. A man with cancer believed that a new drug would be produced that would cure him. When a new treatment was discovered he asked his doctor to prescribe it for him. After two days he miraculously started to recover – his tumours melted like snowballs and he started to look as though he was out of the woods and returning to full health. However later he read an article stating that research had shown that the particular drug he was taking had no significant effect on cancer. Sadly the man went into decline, the tumours returned and his health went downhill.

So what does all this mean for blogging?

Well, here are 6 more beneficial beliefs to have that can help us achieve blogging success:

1. It’s not a numbers game – many people chase the dragon that is the accumulation of Twitter followers, numbers of likes on your Facebook page, number of hits on your site etc. However it is better to have just 1000 true fans rather than 100 thousand people who are transient visitors. Your loyal customers who know and trust you will be the ones who stay with you and be willing to part with hard cash for your expertise.

2. Relationships are important – your readers like to be loved and nurtured. Love them unconditionally for showing up rather than because they comment often or buy your products. Blogging is about building relationships not doing transactions. Make sure you attend to your customers, go the extra mile to interact with them and give them something back by responding generously to their comments and using the CommentLuv plugin to give them a lift up.

3. It’s not what happens, it’s how you respond that matters – things go wrong and it can be frustrating if a plugin crashes your site, pictures won’t position correctly or your RSS feed goes belly up. The last one happened to me recently on one of my client’s sites. I spent ages trying to work out why the feed wasn’t working, pinging and resynching the feed on Google Feedburner and checking the settings on my Bloggie theme. Nothing worked. So I had to take a deep breath and ask a more useful question than ‘Why is this not working?’. What had I not done that could be causing this problem? Answer – I hadn’t added the Feedburner plugin to the site. Plugin installed – problem solved.

4. It’s OK to ask for help when you are stuck – how many times have you banged your head against the wall whilst trying to resolve a problem on your site? I remember those times and so does my partner! I’m sure you do too. Bloggers know what it is like to be ‘borked by the beast’ and are willing to help out and answer your questions on forums and places like Twitter.

5. The more I write the better I’ll get – it is said that you will be a master of something if you have done it for 10,000 hours. I think I’ve got a way to go in my blog writing before I hit this mark but I have improved over the years with guidance from my partner, Judy, who writes superbly on her blog Work from Home Wisdom.

6. Keep it simple – human beings have a unique capacity to make things more complicated than they really are. In Ki Aikido you can try really hard and nothing happens – then the simplicity of what you need to do is explained and it seems really easy and natural. The same applies to blogging – playing around with your theme, adding lots of plugins and trying out the top ten tips for making your blog rock like a superstar isn’t going to suddenly transform your blog. Keep adding good content – simple and straightforward, not rocket science and no geekery required.

So another six beliefs to think about to get you into the mindset of a professional blogger and help you obtain the blogging success you wish for.

I’m sure I have missed some so I would love you to fill in the blanks for me. Best one gets an hour Skype call to improve your blog.